An Alternative To U.s. Election Madness

For as long as I can remember, politicians have said whatever they need to say to get voters to choose them or their party. Especially over the last 20 years or so, they have added fear tactics; telling voters if they vote for the other guy bad things will happen. So you have fake promises and scare tactics to try to get votes. Once in office they do what they want anyway, and forget the promises. It is also true that in spite of the scare tactics, very few of the terrible things predicted have come to pass.

Is it any wonder the American public has become cynical about politics? Is it any wonder that less than half of eligible voters actually vote? The percentage goes down even further when it’s not a presidential election.

I believe I have a better alternative. I propose instead of elections; we have golf tournaments. All politicians spend plenty of time on the golf course anyway, so they have some practice.

We could have a series of tournaments over the course of the year, and candidates from all parties could participate in weekly tournaments. This would require a lot of stamina, to play a round of golf in a different state every week, so we would learn what they are really made of.

Then after 46 states have held tournaments, we take the top 16 for an elimination tournament format. Four states would host the final four rounds. This could rotate so eventually every state would get to host an elimination round. The first tournament would cut the field from 16 to 8, then to four, and then to the final two.

The final two would compete in that final round and the winner would be president for four years. One alternative would be to have the second place finisher be vice president, so you might have two parties in the White House. That would force them to work together.

Another side benefit would be the boost to the economy. Individuals could bet on the candidates just like they do with professional golf, or at horse races. The proceeds could go the same way they do in horse racing. A certain percentage goes to the ones who picked the winners, and the rest goes to the track. In this case, the track would be the government. You could eliminate the national debt at the same time.